College Musical Available for Streaming

College Musical is a 2014 film created by YouTube personality Kurt Hugo Schneider and several of his friends from Yale University, including Sam Tsui and Allison Williams. The film was originally released as a web series on Schneider's YouTube channel before being reshot and released as a feature-length film online. It is available for rental or purchase on YouTube. The film is directed by Schneider and written by Jake Bruene.

The film follows college freshman Cooper (Tsui) as he attempts to win the heart of his teaching assistant, Bianca (Williams). Cooper is so enamored with Bianca that he cannot pay attention in English class, and risks losing his college scholarship if his performance does not improve. Cooper's roommates Nate (Miles Jacoby) and Lubo (Brennan Caldwell) decide he must seduce his TA to be able to focus on his schoolwork, and set about developing an elaborate plan to do just that. Their plan eventually complicates the lives of two of their classmates, the shy and bookish Jackie (Julie Shain), who has a crush on Cooper, and her roommate Danielle (Emma Barash).

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